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Baptism, the New Testament, and the church : historical and by Stanley E. Porter, Anthony R. Cross

By Stanley E. Porter, Anthony R. Cross

The query of the which means and value of baptism is explored from a few varied views during this quantity. encouraged by way of the honoree of this quantity and his vital paintings at the topic, the members technique baptism from biblical, historic, theological and useful views. many of the essays reconsider the well known biblical texts, feeling loose to probe their implications. Others tease out the results of the idea that of baptism in a number of contexts, either historic and sleek. participants comprise Joel eco-friendly, Geoffrey Bromiley, Larry Kreitzer, John Nolland, Ramsey Michaels and J.D.G. Dunn.

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28. On this second point, see esp. Wedderburn, 'Hellenistic Christian Traditions', p. 345, and The Soteriology of the Mysteries', pp. 57-62. 29. Dunn (Romans 1-8, p. 310) cites Vidman, Isis und Osiris, p. 15, but surely misunderstands Vidman's argument. Although Vidman does rightly suggest that 'Der Osiriskult verbeitete sich also nicht gleichzeitig mit dem Isiskult' (p. 15), Dunn has ignored the thrust of Vidman's point here. The very fact that Vidman, whose earlier Sylloge is the standard treatment of inscriptions relating to Isis and Sarapis, mentions the occasional independence of the Sarapis cult, points up that the usual situation saw Isis and Osiris/Sarapis spreading simultaneously.

3 (1963), pp. 124-31. 4. For convenience, only books on baptism are discussed here, though the dates of articles on the subject reflect the same pattern of interest in baptism: intense interest from the early to mid-1940s to mid-1960s, then a falling off of interest, only to be rekindled in the last decade. The many articles can be found in the bibliographies of a number of the books noted below. 5. g. Baptism Today (London: Press and Publications Board of the Church Assembly, 1949); Baptism and Confirmation Today (London: SPCK, 1955); Baptism and Confirmation (London: SPCK, 1959); The Theology of Christian Initiation (London: SPCK, 1948).

Gaumann, Taufe und Ethik: Studien zu Romer 6 (Munich: Chr. Kaiser Verlag, 1967), pp. 41-46; K. Wengst, Christologische Formeln und Liederdes Urchristentums (Gutersloh: Gutersloher Verlagshaus, 1972), pp. G. J. Brill, 1975), pp. 52, 258, 298; U. Schnelle, Gerechtigkeit und Christusgegenwart: Vorpaulinische und paulinische Tauftheologie (Go'ttingen theologische Arbeiten, 24; Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1983), pp. 77-78. 4. Wedderburn's 'Paul and the Hellenistic Mystery-Cults: On Posing the Right Questions' is a good attempt to do just this, although his focus is still entirely on Paul.

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