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AWWA standard for cement-mortar protective lining and by American Water Works Association.; American National

By American Water Works Association.; American National Standards Institute

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Proposed changes by DoD activities must be submitted to the DoD Adopting Activity: Commander, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5096. DoD activities may obtain copies of this standard from the Standardization Document Order Desk, 700 Robbins Avenue, Building 4D, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094. The private sector and other Government agencies may purchase copies from the American Water Works Association, 6666 West Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235-3098. --`,,`,,`,`````,````,`,`,,``,,,-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- AWWA is the authoritative resource for knowledge, information and advocacy to improve the quality and supply of water in North America and beyond.

2 For pipe diameters less than 22 in. (550 mm). Prior to assembling the joint, the inside shoulder of the bell shall be “buttered” with a stiff mortar consisting of one part portland cement to two parts sand by weight. An accessory, such as a specially designed rubber ball wrapped with burlap, shall be used to (1) provide backup against which the cement mortar is squeezed while the centered spigot is pushed “home,” and (2) hold cement mortar in place in the assembled joint while alignment and grade are adjusted, the next bell is “buttered,” and the next spigot is centered.

8 Defective coating. 1 Sand pockets and porous spots. Sand pockets and porous spots shall be removed and repaired to conform to the provisions of Sec. 1. 2 Coating cracks. Care shall be exercised to minimize the occurrence of cracks in the cement–mortar coating. However, cracks less than 1/16 in. 6 mm) in width, or when allowed by the purchaser, less than 1/8 in. 2 mm) in width if cement–mortar overcoat is not considered in pipe design, do not require repair. The need for the repair of wider cracks shall be determined by the purchaser.

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