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Avatamsaka Buddhism in East Asia: Origins and Adaptation of by Robert Gimello

By Robert Gimello

The quantity approximately Avatamsaka Buddhism in East Asia is the results of a symposium equipped in France in 2008. 15 contributions replicate the methods of manifestation and of expression of Huayan doctrines in different realms and at various sessions. in comparison with earlier necessary experiences, the current quantity intends to open broader views, to provide the chance to strengthen opened problematics, in line with basic resources, textual and iconological. The Avatamsaka doctrines have constructed specific methods of expression and paradigms at the chinese language soil, as a sinized Buddhism, they are acknowledged to have completed a philosophical revolution within the background of Mahayana: absolutely the isn't the aim of the philosophical and soteriological inquiry, yet its aspect of departure. the realm is not just an phantasm to be transcended yet a manifestation of this very Absolute. The Avatamsaka will be noticeable because the spine of influencial currents, the Chan or Zen, the Tiantai or Tendai, the Ritualistic Buddhism, the natural Land teachings, in addition to the tune reports. The renewal of problematics on background of faith within the a long way East quarter, because the so-called mixed scheme at the same time philosophical (exoteric) and ritualist (esoteric), provides a desiring to the method of Avatamsaka present as universal denominator associated from China until eventually the Qitan quarter to Korea and Japan.

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At Khadaliq. Khadaliq is located about 1 1 5 km east of Khotan. We find the scientific report on the excavation of this ruined temple in Serindia, Vol. 1 (pp . 1 5 5- 1 57). The exca­ vated Sanskrit fragments are listed on pp . 1 43 3-1440 of the same opus. The frag­ ments belonging to our manuscript are not identified and appear registered simply as "numerous minute fragments" . On the basis of dated Tang coins, Stein estimated that the whole Khadaliq site must have been abandoned at the end of the 8th century (pp.

Sam(mantabhadra); Tib. 9 1 b 4 : kun tu bzan pos. °pra(v)[e](sa); Tib. 92a5 : rab tu 'jug pa 'i. SANSKRIT FRAGMENTS OF THE B UDDHAVATAlyfSAKA FROM CENTRAL ASIA recto r 1 93 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8 r9 riO rvbabodhisatvasamantabhadra[p] . 94 III ha95 [ta]tha sarvbalo [k] (a)dhatu + III tair=buddhair=bhagavadbhilJ. [a] + + III t;ta dharmadhatutriya[ddhv] . 9 6 + + III vyutthanamukhai1J. sarvbadi9 7 . + III tha9 8 tava99 te�aJ1l bodhisatv. sa[m] . l O I + III megha avataranti [sm] . 1 02 . + III jfianasaJ1lbhinnanaya[s] .

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