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Atlantis Awakening (Warriors of Poseidon, Book 2) by Alyssa Day

By Alyssa Day

To rescue the realm from an overpowering evil, Poseidon’s warriors have risen from Atlantis. leader between them is Ven, serving because the King’s Vengeance via birthright and by means of conflict problem. None can overcome him—except possibly for one human female….
Ven’s brain is stuffed with duty.  He needs to function Atlantean liaison to the people in a struggle waged opposed to the vampires. A sword is his weapon—not international relations. yet on a undertaking to recuperate the Nereid’s heart—a ruby of giant power—it will take each ounce of power he possesses to withstand the sexual attract of the gorgeous witch selected to paintings with him.
Erin's center is full of vengeance.  She lives just for the opportunity at revenge opposed to those that murdered her family members. Now she needs to companion with a mythical Atlantean warrior whose darkish wish threatens to crash in the course of the limitations outfitted round her emotions—and her middle. stuck within the seize of moving alliances, how lengthy can Ven and Erin face up to their awakening ardour?

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Thank you, I think," she said wryly. She caught a glimmer of surprise and then amusement in his eyes before he masked his expression back to impassivity. "Same goes. " She held out a hand to shake his and nearly jumped out of her skin when the amber on her middle fingers sounded a discordant note in her mind. A note she'd never heard. The amber protected her from the threat of dark magic and called to her with a wild, jangling song when there were vampires or anybody else wielding black or death magic near her.

Startled by the emotion in his voice, she turned to study his face, but he wouldn't turn his gaze from the road. "Get some more rest, Erin. " "But—" "Rest. You're exhausted. You can ask me all the questions you want when we get there. You're safe now. " He flicked on his stereo and something warm and classical filled the air. Another surprise; she'd expected headbanger music from the tough warrior. She relaxed, exhausted, back into the leather seat. As her eyelids began to drift closed, she heard him clear his throat.

The rush of relief that roared through his ears was so loud that he almost missed her next words. "I want Conlan's baby brother," she whispered, trailing one long fingernail down her cheek. " Caligula sat up, forcing himself not to flail as a wave of maggots squirmed up his body. It is illusion, it is illusion, it is illusion, he told himself. Then they crawled into his mouth. She laughed again at the sound of his soul-rending shrieks, clapped her hands together, and the maggots vanished. It took him a few moments longer to be able to stop shrieking.

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