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ASHRAE Standard 62-1999 - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor

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The CO2 level of 1000 ppm is a guideline for comfort acceptability, not a ceiling value for air quality. HOK Background 3. 1 for multiple spaces, if the critical space requires 100% outdoor air, the entire HVAC unit which serves the multiple spaces must be designed to provide 100% outdoor air. Question 3a. Is it the intent of the Standard for systems which serve multiple spaces, that if any one space supplied by the system has an outdoor air fraction of 100% per Equation 6-1, the system must operate on 100% outdoor air, as shown in Spreadsheet No.

References. 2 Indoor Air Quality Procedure, Table 3. HOK Background 1. Clause 3 includes definitions for air, return; air, supply; air, transfer; and air, ventilation. The definition of air, supply is not clear. Question 1. 1) may be composed of both ventilation air and transfer air? ASHRAE Answer 1. Yes. HOK Background 2. 2 including Table 3 appears to be provided as a recommended guideline rather than a mandatory requirement. Question 2. Can the carbon dioxide level in a space ever exceed the referenced value of 1000 ppm, and still remain in compliance with the Standard?

An isolated classroom is served by a dedicated classroom HVAC unit (water source heat pump, fan-coil unit or unitary equipment) with ventilation (outside) air introduced into the classroom unit’s return (recirculated) air duct. The classroom is fully occupied during each class period and partially occupied during the 6 minutes transition between the bell marking the end of a period and the tardy bell for the next period. Case 1. The classroom is in use for Periods 1, 2, and 3, consuming a total time of 3 hrs.

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