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Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for by Nichole Rae

By Nichole Rae


Bravely record your life's trip with paintings magazine paintings trip: university and Storytelling for Honoring Your artistic strategy. Artist Nichole Rae is your inventive significant other and consultant as you discover your artwork journaling trip in 3 effortless steps.

Begin by way of placing the magazine in paintings magazine: quite a few activates and writing kinds assist you breathe lifestyles into your hopes, emotions and intentions.

Then positioned the artwork in artwork magazine: Use your writing to improve a subject on your artwork magazine. Illustrate your tale by means of including images, illustrations and ephemera.

Finally, discover your artistic approach: reflect on colour, phrases and logos as you construct fantastically layered college pages.

Along this artwork journaling course, you'll locate the energy to hear your center and locate your inventive voice.

All you should do is include the Journey.


Journaling prompts
15 mixed-media and university techniques
Dozens of inspirational magazine pages

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