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Armour in England from the earliest times to the reign of by J. Starkie Gardner

By J. Starkie Gardner

Раритетная книга. Рассказ об английских рыцарских доспехах до господства Джеймса I

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Mail, of the entirely banded variety, worn beneath a surcoat, which is Plate-armour is only represented by the kneehardly ever emblazoned. The great helm, caps, with an occasional roundel and shoulder-plate. always with a fan-crest, the chapelle-de-fer worn beneath or above the Fic. 10. — Melee. From the early fourteenth -century Museum. The combatants are tan-crests. English MS. known as Queen Mary"s Psalter, 2 B. , in the British in banded mail and long surcoats, and some wear the great helms with Ailettes and knee-caps are the only plate-armour visible.

Reign of in some Henry V. cases tendency during century was to increase the number of Bv the close of the things had proceeded so far in this direction the greater part of the limb - defences are that made up of laminated plates. , and is due to a striking develop- ment of the fan-shaped elbow-guards, first seen in a rudimentary form as to an addition of short hinged plates called tuilles 1425, to the bottom of the hoop-like skirt of tassets which lay closer to the as well in body. By 1435 these tuilles are ridged or fluted perpendicularly and scalloped along the lower edge, and shortly after they take the more developed, elongate and elegant forms familiar in Gothic armour.

It was also tinned or gilded, and even of pure gold, as prizes for tourneys, or like In with gems, sent to Edward I. by his father-in-law in 1334. a bequest of William Langford, 141 1, is a headpiece covered with red The richness velvet, and actual specimens so covered are not unknown. one set of the decorations bestowed on these helmets is shown in the goldsmith's account of one made for the King of France in 1352, and of another made in the same year for the Dauphin with a band of forty large pearls.

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