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Analysis of Scalar EM Technology by Bearden

By Bearden

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Phase conjugation was also the secret of his magnifying transmitter. 001 Hz through 1 megahertz. That is, the highly pressurized internal portions of the earth are already "trembling,' electro magnetically at those frequencies, but in scalar EM resonance due to combined EM waves and their phase conjugate replicas. If a powerful EM wave of resonant frequency is then transmitted into the earth, with a large elevated capacitance so that a resonant system is established, then a strong resonant standing scalar EM wave can be established into and through the earth's fiery core.

The so-called "meteor" (actually, a large, rapidly moving light was seen and noise was heard) of Nov. 10 may well have been a large scalar EM ball from the Woodpecker grid weapon transmitters, performing a simulated test of the multiple-vehicle kill mode, using a large "electromagnetic missile" created and moved by the associated scalar howitzers. Complete explanation of the operation of these systems is contained in Fer-de-Lance and other books and papers. 2003 21:44:36 The Tom Bearden Website As this background summary is cutoff in mid November 1986, it does not include evidence of indications that exist for Soviet scalar EM enhancement or biological warfare against the West.

3; Derek Wood, "Six explosions in the past seven months," Jane's Defence Weekly, 2(1), July 14, 1984, p. 3; John Moore, "The aftermath of Severomorsk," Jane's Defence Weekly, 2(6), Aug. 224. Note from Webmaster: it doesn't stop in 1986. 2003 21:44:36 The Tom Bearden Website The Tom Bearden Website ANALYSIS OF SCALAR/ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY Some Characteristics of the Phase Conjugate Wave by Lt. Col. E. ), 1990 Copyright 7. The phase conjugate wave was apparently discovered by Nikola Tesla. This was the secret of his wireless transmission of energy at a distance without losses.

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