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An Occupation of Angels by Lavie Tidhar

By Lavie Tidhar

After Archangels materialise over the bloodbaths of WWII, they soak up place of abode in lots of the world's significant towns. yet what could occur if, greater than region of a century later, whatever one way or the other controlled to kill those excellent beings? Killarney is familiar with and, as an agent operating for the Bureau, a British organisation that is so mystery it does not formally exist, she reveals herself embroiled within the outcomes as, one after the other, the Archangels die. Assigned to track a lacking cryptographer suggestion to have info at the murders, she travels from England, via France, heading for the frozen wastes of the USSR. yet there is an unknown 3rd occasion motive on preventing her, and there is God, who additionally has an schedule. no longer understanding who's pal and who's foe, and with just a short glimpse of a swastika on angel wings as strong info, Killarney struggles to stay alive lengthy sufficient to glean enough details to place jointly the items of the puzzle and entire what's, with no them, an very unlikely venture.

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