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Among the Missing by Dan Chaon

By Dan Chaon

During this haunting, bracing new assortment, Dan Chaon stocks tales of fellows, ladies, and youngsters who stay some distance outdoors the yankee Dream, whereas thinking about which determination, which direction, or which twist of fate introduced them to this position. Chaon mines the mental panorama of his characters to incredible impact. each one tale radiates with sharp humor, secret, ask yourself, and startling compassion. one of the lacking lingers within the brain via its sophisticated grace and gear of language.

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9 The brotherhoods had gained a monopoly on theatrical production in Madrid and established strong links between theater profits and the hospitals’ charitable operations. To avoid any threats to the latter, the city council defended the hospitals’ theater monopoly and made it official by not allowing comedia performances anywhere else in Madrid. This pattern was followed throughout the peninsula in the late sixteenth century, as stages opened in Zamora, Valencia, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Granada, Córdoba, Málaga, Badajoz, Cádiz, and even in the overseas colonial cities of Lima and Mexico City.

75 120 are by Calderón; 36 by Diamante; 39 by Matos Fragoso; and 37 by Rojas Zorrilla. The total number of plays attributed to Rojas Zorrilla is 56, but 19 of these are no longer extant or survive only in manuscript copies to which I did not have access; therefore they were not included in the study. Plays and Politics 27 What emerged was surprising, particularly given an earlier generation’s theory that theater was the creation and mouthpiece of the absolutist monarchy. I began this project after randomly encountering two or three plays that seemed to me to espouse surprisingly challenging political ideas.

73 Despite the fame of Lope’s drama in his own lifetime, leaving him out of this study is in keeping with my goal of studying the plays that were in demand throughout the seventeenth century and their connection to Spanish politics during the decades of political and economic crisis. Lope’s plays were published in a series of 25 volumes, mostly in Madrid, though a few of the series were published in Barcelona, Zaragoza and Valladolid. However, only three of these were published in Madrid after his death in 1635 (one of which was a reprint of an earlier volume, and none of which appeared more than five years after his death), and few of his works appeared in the Escogidas volumes which featured the favorite plays of Madrid audiences through the end of the seventeenth century.

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