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449 Stupid Things Democrats Have Said by Ted Rueter

By Ted Rueter

"Am I various? Yeah. Deep down, you recognize you must put on wider bottoms; you are simply no longer safe sufficient. . . . Do I do my hair with a weed whacker? I admit it." --Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio, 1985-2002)

Supposedly a few of our brightest audio system, politicians say a few beautiful silly issues. participants of America's significant political events positioned out a roaring circulation of downright dumb reviews, pronouncements, and observations. For evidence, glance no additional than Ted Rueter's 449 silly issues Democrats Have stated.

In 449 silly issues Democrats Have stated. Al Gore stated, "I might have kissed Tipper longer on the convention." Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the course of a 2000 crusade interview with scorching ninety seven, a long island hip-hop radio station, acknowledged, "Motown, Motown: that is my period. these are my people." Rueter snags all of them and gives magnificent collections of quotations that might really cross down in history.-

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Records “Sometimes we jest up here. ’ I say, ‘Yeah, there is. S. Supreme Court, you’ll be able to use public money to send your kids to General Beauregard Bigot Private Academy, Fundamentalist Football, and Frequent Drug Tests. They have these religious schools that teach these kids insanity like the earth is ve thousand years old, where the Pope is a demon. I don’t want my tax dollars going to that kind of crap. You can practice religion until you fall out. ” —James Carville (political consultant) Republicans “I promise just to serve two terms.

I’ll put the Community Reinvestment Act in a secured gym locker. S. Tax Code than those old hockey nets at the Boston Garden. Beam me up. ” —Bill Clinton (president 1993–2001), on lying to the grand jury about Monica Lewinsky “Rather than lie to the grand jury itself, the president lied about his relationship with Ms. ” —Bill Clinton, commenting on President Nixon and the Watergate scandal while running for Congress in 1974 Management Style “When things haven’t gone well for you, call in a secretary or a sta man and chew him out.

In response, Schwarzenegger said, “He doesn’t like the way I say the word California, because I say Cal-ee-fornia rather than Cal-a-fornia. But there’s many other words that he doesn’t like. Lost jobs, he doesn’t like that word. He doesn’t like blackout. He doesn’t like energy crisis. ” Three days later, Davis said, “It was a poor joke. ” —Sissy Farenthold (Texas state representative, 1969–1972) “Anyone can be elected governor. ” —Robert Torricelli (senator from New Jersey, 1997–2002), on investigations of his finances Ronald Reagan “I was cooking breakfast this morning for my kids, and I thought, ‘He’s just like a Te on frying pan.

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